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Company overview of PROTON

Company summary of PROTON

PROTON can be a Malaysian automobile maker headquartered in Shah Alam, Selangor. Its name is normally a Malay acronym for Perusahaan Otomobil Nasional (English: National Automobile Business). It had been established in 1983 beneath the direction of the previous Primary Minister, Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.

The current portfolio of PROTON models includes the Waja, Gen.2, Perdana V6, Arena (Jumbuck), the confirmed Saga assortment, the fun-to-drive Savvy, Satria Neo, Persona, and Malaysia’s earliest home-grown MPV, the Exora. The Group also offers in its portfolio, the community- renowned Lotus sports autos.

We are below creating the Integrated Marketing Communication Plan (IMC Approach) for the PROTON hottest MPV Proton Exora. IMC is a Marketing communication may be the process of presenting an integrated group of stimuli to market with the intent to evoke a preferred group of responses within the market set and setting up channels to receive, interpret and act after messages from the marketplace for the intended purpose of modifying present company communications and identifying new conversation process and opportunities.

Therefore, company needs advertising communication to add worth in term of item, brand, organization and client and the reasons why we select PROTON Exora is because that this product the newest of PROTON editions and it is still in the development state. You want to develop the product to a successful maturity stage in resulting to achieve PROTON’s objectives.

2.0 Situational Analysis

The company’s inner and external environment is ever-changing and possesses significant effects towards the procedure and profit level. Consequently, it is vital to conduct the situational analysis so that you can improve the understanding of the many factors that affecting the business plus the position and market talk about.

2.1 Market Characteristic

Proton may be the second market marquis with the talk about of 26.3% and now their latest attempt on vehicle can be their MPV. The society’s high focus has flip to Multi Goal Vehicle (MPV). As a solid prove, sales of MPV offers enormously increased (Refer to Appendix 5 and 2) as the populace of Malaysia keeps growing where it’s estimated that Malaysians offers 3 to four kids per relatives (refer to appendix) and this brings in a bright prospect where Proton Exora is principally targeted to family oriental, (refer to appendix).


The current competitor for Exora is definitely Perodua Alza (refer to appendix) and it was launched few months following the launched of Exora.

Distribution Channel

Proton sales wall plug and sales centers can be purchased in all claims in Malaysia and their sums are based on the potential product sales happens in a state (refer to appendix). Their cars are distributed right to their outlets and centers than to local agents.

2.4 SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis mean facts obtained from the marketplace situation assessment can be effectively organized through a SWOT analysis. The SWOT evaluation organizes the info from the situation assessment into four groups. Strengths and weaknesses signify inner assessments of the firm’s current capabilities. However, options and threats are exterior assessments which analysis a firm’s performance.



Opportunities – O

New technologies

Current economy growth

Changes in population

Political and legal changes

2nd market leader

Threat – T

Competitors similar product

Interest rate increase

Strengths – S

Research and develop department

Strong cost management

Stable currency

Merge with lotus

Dedicated and loyal employee

SO- Strategies

Opening a new market segment

Provide training and upgrade staff members ability contributing to sales of proton

Upgrade existing types with latest technologies

ST- Strategies

Come up with more sport oriented car with the support of lotus

Corporate with bank for lower interest

Weaknesses -W

Inability to introduce fresh models frequently

Could not really compete in technology

WO- Strategies

Hire technological experts to provide advice upon this issue

WT- Strategies

Set a benchmark with the strong competitor

SO Strategies

SO strategies are about pursue prospects that are good suit to the company durability where Proton could open up a new market segments in the word where it has a stable currency and support of lotus alongside the strong political / federal government support may help proton to enter larger markets countries such as Japan. Where proton presently has reach various countries (make reference to appendix) and it requires to develop to more countries so as to achieve its targets. Proton also has to build up the skill of its employee by sending in that case to training where they may be more talented in making sales from their end in all outlets of proton. Last but not least will get upgrading editions of proton car by the research and development division with the support of most up-to-date technologies, this will create a competitive advantage.

WO Strategies

Proton has to conquer weakness by having hiring technological specialists on upgrading its technologies , example better engine vitality, 6th gear, automobile parking and others( refer to appendix) which could rise up proton advantages.

ST- Strategies

Proton should try to give more interest related promotion to reduce the impact on the rise on fascination for local cars so when it comes to opponents proton could try up to alter its collections buy sport cars as it features merge with lotus. This will end up being hard for the competition to copy as they have not reached sport car technology.

TW- Strategies

Proton should establish a benchmark with strong opponents as a highly defensive plan to prevent Proton’s weakness from rendering it highly vunerable to external treats. By doing this Proton could boost and figure out how to upgrade its blunders and stick to the market current trents.


To increase the market share of proton by 5% resulting just from Proton Exora by the end of 2011.

Proton has dropped its market leadership to Perodua, which objective could help proton to gain back its market leadership position where we’ve aimed to boost the sales of proton Exora which will result to the increase of the marketplace share by 5% just. Speaking examples of persuasive essays of 5%, the reason why we select the 5% is as the current market show of proton is (26.3%) and Perodua is (31.1%) and by reaching the 5% will make sure the existing market share keep by proton to improve to an equaling level with Perodua and there will be other models car’s to aid the additional incensement of the marketplace share

To fortify the brand situation of Proton Exora of its rewards within 12 a few months of our promotional marketing campaign.

This objective is mainly going to elaborate on the advantages of Proton Exora and aside from the fact of its being the friends and family car it has other factors to end up being consider as a ordering factor. Our mission here’s to attract potential customers to as well consider the fact that it is affordable and the huge benefits they get within the 12 months time.

Execute a CSR Plan within 12 a few months of our promotional campaign.

CSR applications are argued to be most effective at increasing customer loyalty, boosting attitude toward the company, and decreasing customer skepticism. We here aim to achieve the exact requirements where advertising and advertisement tools by itself wouldn’t normally be enough.

Budgeting for advertising

We have to determine a cover our advertising campaign predicated on its financial and different resources, the targets of the advertising campaign and what it expects the return on the investment to be (that ought to be achievement of the targets). We also need to allocate recruiting and period to the advertising campaign. It is tricky to predict the achievement of an marketing campaign so there is under no circumstances a remedy to “what is the right amount of time and money to invest?” rather, ensuring it is still within the means it has available. So we decide to use the percentage-of-past-sales method, by using this method we models the PROTON Exora’s advertising budget simply by establishing the price range as a fixed percentage of past product sales volumes.

A more suitable guide to the amount of advertising expenditures is the past sales encounter when the level of past expenditures has attained management’s objective. The common percentage of advertising and marketing expenditures to sales for the past several years could be applied to the current year.

While simplicity is obviously an edge in decision building, the percentage-of-sales-way is fraught with immediately decline. Period of decreasing sales could be precisely the time whenever a firm needs to increase spending on marketing: if a percentage-of-sales budgeting method has been used, this won’t happen. Second, this budgeting technique can easily bring about overspending on marketing. Once funds have already been earmarked, the tendency is to find methods to spend the budgeted sum. Third, and the virtually all considerable drawback from a strategic standpoint, is usually that the percentage-of-sales approach will not relate advertising dollars to advertising objectives. Basing spending on past or future product sales is without analytical evaluation and implicitly presumes a direct cause-and-effect relationship between advertising and sales. But right here, we have sales “causing” advertising and marketing. That’s backward!

PROTON earned RM 367,170,000 in ’09 2009, so we decided to use 2% of the profit that PROTON earned last year which is RM 7343400 to implement our advertising campaign which may be the budget of this plan. In this plan we choose 60% from the finances to implement the advertising campaign, 30% to put into action the sales promotion activities and 10% to apply a CSR program. The full total of all these costs represents the level of investment essential to accomplish the promotion goals that had been established earlier in the marketing and sales communications plan.


We choose the advertising as our promotion mix; advertising may be the transmission of paid text messages about an organization, brand or merchandise to a mass visitors. The primary benefit of advertising may be the ability it offers to reach a lot of folks at a relatively low priced per person. While advertising and marketing is expensive, its ability to reach a lot of men and women makes it affordable based on price per exposure.

In general, advertising is valued because it performs five significant communications functions, which can be informing, persuading, reminding, adding value and assisting the company’s other marketing efforts. Connection by advertisers that informs, persuades, and reminds potential buyers of a product to be able to influence an judgment or elicit a reply.

Objectives of advertising

Maintain consumers’ top-of-mind awareness of PROTON Exora toward buyers within the period of advertising campaign. Brand awareness steps the accessibility of the brand in memory. When persons want to buy MPV car they will think of Exora, understand the PROTON Exora was existing, so that can increase demand. The merchandise that maintains the highest brand awareness in comparison to its competitors will most likely get the most product sales. Maintain brand awareness, because marketing may builds solid, favorable and unique images in consumers’ head, by creating the imaginative advertising message; the text messages can lead the buyer remember your brand.

Enhance buyers’ beliefs toward PROTON Exora’s attributes or benefits within the marketing campaign period. Effective marketing communications enhance a brand’s equity by creating brand awareness and developing favourable, solid and perhaps different associations in the consumer’s mind between your brand, its attributes and its own benefits. When the advertising and marketing and other types of marketing communications create unique and positive messages, this will lead the buyers believe our


To attain AIDA Concept through marketing campaign within the time of marketing campaign. The acronym AIDA means Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. They are the four steps we must take our market through, because we want them to buy our product (Exora). We must attract focus of our market and persuade them do something to buy our Exora, if you want to grab their attention, fascination them in how our product or service can help them, if the target audience feel interest inside our product they will spend their valuable time to comprehend our product, the curiosity and desire elements of AIDA go hand-in-hand, when we building the audience’s fascination, we also need to help them understand how what we are providing can help them in a real way and persuade them to do this buy our item (Exora).

We choose television, newspapers and billboards inside our IMC plan.


The strengths of television was many, from a creative point of view, this medium is quite flexible and the affect generated by the combo of sight and sound should not be underestimated. Buyer involvement and likeability of an advertisement would depend after the skill of the innovative crew. The prestige and position associated with television advertising is higher than that of other press: sometimes, the credibility and status of a product or organization could be enhanced significantly simply by being seen to come to be advertising on television. The price of reaching members of large target segments is fairly low, so the medium is with the capacity of a high level of cost performance. We choose Television set3 and NTV 7, because they are the most notable 2 highest viewership in Malaysia, and we select every Monday and Wednesday in January, February, May perhaps, June, November and December, those months is festival time and generally people receive bonus; we advertise our advertising and marketing at 8.00pm to 11.00pm; because generally this timing is the time worker off and back to home and after meal. (Refer to appendix………)


The strengths of newspaper advertisements have emerged positively by readers because they are in control of the speed and depth of reading the newspaper. This ensures that they select which advertisements to learn. This facilitates what is known as comparison shopping. Newspapers provide wide exposure for advertisements, and market coverage in native, regional or national papers can be extensive. These media cars are extremely flexible as they present opportunities for the application of color and allow advertisements of variable sizes, insertions and coupon codes. We advertise on every Sunday in The Superstar, Sin Chew Daily and Harian Metro; these three Newspaper and Sunday will be the highest readership in Malaysia, we advertise on January, February, March, September, October, November and December, because these few month is the festival time and generally people receive bonus on June or December, so they have significantly more purchasing power. (Make reference to appendix……..)


One of the main advantages of this channel springs is its capability to reach a sizable audience. This means that most participants of a target audience are likely to have an chance to see the message, therefore the cost per contact is quite low. It has become recognized that outdoor media can offer tremendous support to other tools in the media mix, particularly at merchandise launch, as back-up so when attempting to build brand name recognition. The moderate is seen as a its strong placement overall flexibility. Messages can be located geographically, demographically or by activity, such as on the key routes to do the job or purchasing. The potential effect is high, nearly as good sites can draw the attention and get that promotion.

We advertise our advertising at 9 places per annum, which are Malaysia-Singapore Second Crossing, Ampang-Kuala Lumpur Elevated Expressway, Shapadu Highway, Guthrie Corridor Expressway, Maju Expressway, North-South Expressway, Penang Bridge, North-South Expressway Central Hyperlink and North-South Expressway Central Link. (Make reference to appendix……)

Sales Promotion

Sales promotion can be one of the equipment suggested in this IMC Plan. This can be a promotional method using exceptional short-term ways to persuade customers of a marketplace to respond or undertake particular activity and they will be rewarded accordingly basic on their participation. Sales promotion can be an activity or materials or both that works as a direct inducement, offering added benefit or incentive for the merchandise to resellers, salespeople or buyers. (G.Elliot, S. Rundell, 2008) When utilized moderately with careful planning, sales promotions increase sales actually after the promotions are finished. When they are being used too regularly, the pleasure or urgency around them wears off.

Objective of Sales Promotion

Creating fascination in Proton Exora among the potential clients by the entire year 2011

Marketers find that sales promotions are very effective in creating interest in a product. Actually, creating interest can often be considered the most crucial use of sales promotion. In the retail industry an attractive sales promotions can significantly increase customer traffic too.

A favorable brand graphic will not happen automatically. Sustained marketing communications are generally required to create favorable, strong, and perhaps unique associations about the brand.

To reward the loyal customers by the promotion plan within the 12weeks of our promotional campaigns.

All this could be done through impacting the behaviour of our buyers and the trade people. Through this sales advertising, we can give some rewards, incentive or reward to our consumers or trade people. This will inspire them to buy more products or continue to use our service. Revenue promotion also can boost the brand switching, because we can through different promotion solutions to persuade our buyers to use our services, if buyers think our product is better than our competitors, they will switching from other brand to your brand. Increase of shopping for confidence of customer and enhance our short-term sales are also the reasons we want to use sales promotion approach.

To stimulating demand of proton Exora within the time of our promotion activity

Next to building primary product awareness, the most important use of sales advertising is to build demand by convincing customers to make a purchase. Special promotions, especially those that lower the price tag on ownership to the client example, reducing interest rate can be employed to stimulate sales.

Pull strategy

We have choose Consumer Market-Directed sales advertising and we are performing two main sales promotions where both of it uses the draw strategies. A “pull” offering strategy is one which requires high shelling out for advertising and consumer promotion to build up consumer demand for something. If the strategy is prosperous, customers will ask their stores for the product, the retailers will inquire the wholesalers, and the wholesalers will request the producers. Pull is about rewarding the customers instead examples of a research paper of the suppliers or the sales rep, here we would like to reward our customers rather than the sales person.

Interest rate reduction plan

Interest rate for car finance provides rose up to 4.0 simply for local cars (refer to appendix) , this may be organization stopper for car revenue where nonetheless the economy growth is slowly recovering (refer to appendix). Here we’ve decided to give an only 2months promotion on interest levels. Many automobile firm has take up this course of action (make reference to appendix) and this could be the right time up with an desirable interest rate. By joining the Proton’s official bank EON, Proton will make a straightforward agreement of low interest rate for sale of Proton Exora in order where by taking mortgage in EON bank.

Rates for new countrywide cars were 3.85% (5-year tenure), 4 %(7-year) and 4.10% (9-year) and here we’ve decided to bring down the interest to 2.10 (5-calendar year tenure), 2.25( 7 years and 2.40 ( 9 years)

Proton Exora challenge 2011 – Malaysian Face Of

This even is extra similar to the Subaru Asian face of problem held in Singapore. The reason we are performing this even is because, there were no possibly in such ever kept in Malaysia and as resulting of the Subaru Asian deal with of challenge’s tremendous success. We are making it more to a promotion oriented in where in today of function; Proton Exora will be the car in the task where participant is required to place their right palm on the Exora and the longest enduring participant will win the Proton Exora. Proton Exora may also be exhibited and there will be a special booth called Nowadays or never to promote Proton Exora and sales rep placed there to make clear on the benefits of proton Exora. Special deals receive to the persons who books Exora on that very evening , which are to improve of warranty for 12 months (6 years / 175,000km), Free 2 years service, 40 000km( important service), lowest interest ever on 1.99% but only applicable in that day.


Sponsorship is definitely a partnership between a corporation and a right-holder or residence (retrieve from http://www.sponsorshipcouncil.org/aboutsponsorship.asp). The sponsor provides economical or other support to the right-holder or home which in return provides access or publicity for the purpose of satisfying the sponsor’s specific objectives (retrieve from http://www.sponsorcouncil.org/aboutsponsorship.asp). Through sponsorship, it helps companies to react to consumers changing media behaviors. The function is developed to match the target audience also to maximize the chance to enhance the brand’s images and product sales.(chitty barker and shrimp, 2007)

Corporate Social Responsibility is a concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and in their conversation with their stakeholders on a voluntary basis (retrieve from http://ec.europa.eu/enterprise/policies/sustainable-business/corporate-social-responsibility/ index_en.htm). Relating to a journal, corporate social responsibility-a concern for a company, the writer show that company can improve the relationship with your customer (Wilhelm Authischer, p.2). By put into action a CSR plan, let people know and understand what we are doing, understand extra about our company. The companies who have real commitment increase the value to culture by donate to the world.( Wilhelm autischer, p.2)

The CSR programme will kept at Kuala Lumpur (One Utama Purchasing complex) on ########. We select this shopping complex is because it have got a convenient in transportation, such as ########the profit which acquire from the competition participate fee from the function “Proton Exora Challenges-Malaysian Deal with Off” will 100 percent donate to WORLDWIDE Fund For Dynamics (WWF) that was formally known as World Wildlife Fund for saving tiger. The reason we choose WWF is basically because it’s the organisation that focused on scientific exploration of wildlife and important pure habitats and our function covers the broader issues of the environment and the amount we donate will end up being valuable and significant.We select tiger is basically because recently WWF is effective in a new celebration “Freeze Tiger Trade” and the tiger can be respectively symbolize the logo of Proton. Besides that, environment is not a good choice for us because car generate pollution. So the money that we contribute to will come to be meaningful.

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